mariposa is a Spanish word for Butterfly.

A butterfly represents transformation. To transform yourself is to manifest change in your life. Changing your thoughts and emotions can bring about the changes you desire.

At Mariposa we use Hypnosis as one of the tools for change. When brainwaves lower to Theta level, real "magic" can happen. This is the same level of brainwaves that meditators the world over achieve and can ultimately liberate themselves from limiting ways of perceiving. What does that mean? Click here to find out.

MariposaWellness now has a YouTube Channel!

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"We strive for improvement through free will and change. Searching for inner wisdom is essential because unless we find a personal inner knowledge beyond those institutional doctrines developed by others long ago, we cannot truly be wise about how to love our lives today on Earth"

                                                                 ~ Michael Newton
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