Multidimensional Perception

Earth is undergoing unprecedented transformations at this time. The planet is moving into higher vibrational frequencies and all fields of human endeavor such as, science, medicine, archaeology, spirituality, the arts, are undergoing a revolution of consciousness…a shifting to a higher density or dimension.


There is no doubt that other dimensions or realms exist in this Universe. You may have seen them yourself through your dreams or through astral travel, meditation or hypnosis. Just like we have different dimensions in this Universe, we also have different dimensional states of consciousness. These dimensions available to us on Earth are referred to as 3D, 4D and 5D. (3rd Dimension or Density, 4th Dimension or Density, 5th Dimension or Density).

These dimensions are not actual places but rather they are states of consciousness or states of perception. They progressively vibrate at higher and higher frequencies.  On Earth, we are all living life in either 3D, 4D, 5D or a combination of all three. In fact, most people on Earth are moving back and forth across two or three of these dimensional states of consciousness depending on how much work they have done to “wake up” so to speak. Although we are all living on the same planet and are surrounded by the same world, our perception of it will be different depending on which state of consciousness we are choosing to experience.  Those perceiving things from a 3D state are going to walk through life much differently than someone perceiving things from a 5D state.


People who live or perceive from a 3D point of view, live their lives in a state of duality. Life is black and white, bad or good, this or that, happy or sad.  It’s about polarity and the negative and positive energies manifesting and playing out in polarized ways.  This 3D perspective is extremely limited and the sense of separation is strong.  This non-unity and feeling of separation keeps a person feeling victimized here on Earth. Time in 3D seems to be the never-ending tick tock of the clock. The never ceasing forward march through "Time."  The truth is, time is mere perception and doesn’t exist as you might think it does.


In 4D consciousness or perception one begins to awaken to the idea that we are all connected and that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Fourth density existence is less dense than our current environment, but it is still physical. It is also home to the astral realms. Thoughts are powerful and can shift the way reality is perceived. Duality and the idea of good and bad is still experienced, but there is more compassion and understanding behind it. There is an opening to the importance of diet, meditation and leading a healthy lifestyle. What you put into your body becomes important and there is a desire to pay attention to how your actions effect the environment and those around you. There is a strong desire to find your purpose and to follow your passions. You understand that life is meant to be enjoyed and that you are worthy to live the life of your dreams. You perceive the world through 6 senses and your intuition starts to grow and expand. You seek a deeper meaning to life, and you can start to see the synchronicity/magic of the Universe. Time as it is perceived in 4D is not as “strict” as in 3D perception.  Time acts more like a fluid and is very mutable.  A person with a 4D perception can experience all degrees of time distortion.  


Once you reach a 5D state of consciousness, it is very difficult to go back to a 3D state, but not impossible!  From this level of consciousness, you begin to understand that we are all one and we are all connected. Life becomes an adventure of growth and there is no such thing as good or bad. There is negatively and positively polarized energies that manifest in particular ways, but your awareness is of ONE.  There is a higher purpose for all things and every experience holds meaning. You understand that everyone is on their own journey and there is a lack of judgement. Everyone is considered to be equal and there is a desire to live from a place of pure authenticity. You understand that your purpose is to live your truth and to seek joy. From this state, you know that there is no competition and there is enough abundance for everyone. You feel overwhelming emotions of love and compassion for Earth and all life, whether that life is here or elsewhere in the stars. Your intuition is extremely strong and you feel connected to angelic beings or beings from other planets or densities.


So which density or dimension are you perceiving?

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