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Brenna Baer and Cricket

Registered and board certified Hypnotherapist, Certified 5-PATH Hypnotist, 7th Path Self Hypnosis Teacher, Member of The National Guild of Hypnotists, Pictured with side kick Cricket

Hello, my name is Brenna Baer and I am a board certified hypnotist. My training took place at Cascade Hypnosis Center in Bellingham, WA. 


My practice consists of the latest techniques in energy and quantum healing, as well as EFT Tapping. Combining these powerful techniques with hypnosis is a fast and effective way to change the quality of ones life.


For nearly 15 years I worked for Engineering companies designing and programming the electrical and control systems for specialty machinery. I now have the pleasure to work with another type of energy system, and that is the energies of the human body. 

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Meet Ciera-who teaches wire wrapping workshops at Mariposa Wellness

"I began guided meditations a while back, to help work with and clear some energies I was facing. I was meeting every catalyst thrown at me with negativity and needed a change. After 2 sessions I began to "wake up". I was learning about the extra benefits of meditation and began my spiritual journey to learn more about my soul's path. After listening to some manifestation frequencies, I found myself on a search to create without really knowing it. It all began at a farmers market, I walked past a stand with stones that I was drawn to. My first purchase was a few Amethyst, and a couple rose quartz. I took them home and just held them and absorbed their energy. Then it dawned on me, I need to somehow turn these in to things people can wear all the time to fully soak up the benefiting energies that emit from these power stones. After gathering some supplies, I started wrapping, and let the stones guide me on how it should be wrapped. Looking down at my finished product I couldn't even believe I had just created that. I really believe that these stones are wrapping themselves through me. I want to share this energy with the world!"

Meet Rachel-Intuition Coach

RJ Billingsley is the founder of evoLve you, where people connect with and own their inner power and knowing, engage their intuition, and love themselves unconditionally through the process. The results of doing this are: more energy, increased confidence, and having more connection with the present moment! 

Meet Annie-Certified Hypnotherapist

Annie Alexander has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology combined with being a nationally certified consulting hypnotherapist. She is also a certified 7 th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher and regularly offers Introduction to Self-Hypnosis classes followed by professional-level Self-Hypnosis seminars.

Annie is passionate about her spiritual development and practices “Transformative Compassion” © as one pathway toward self-awareness. She also facilitates the spiritually oriented process of Visioning with individuals and organizations in service to the development and sustainability of collective goals, business growth and projects that serve our planet.

Annie is an Evolutionary Astrologer and combines this expertise with creating an exciting environment for Past Life Regression workshops and individual exploration.

Her commitment is to live life in the most conscious way possible as a hypnotherapist, facilitator, mentor, intuitive/channel, healer and
advocate of the natural world. Living in this manner, inspires her attitude and aligns her actions.
She is the owner and principle hypnotherapist at Northwest Hypnosis Center in Bellingham, WA.  Annie may be reached at: (360) 612-0209 or info@northwesthypnosiscenter.com

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A goal that is properly set is halfway reached.

                        ~Zig Ziglar

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