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Dream Thread


Post dreams, comments, and suggestions about interpretations here.

Not a very interesting dream, but I'm posting to get the thread started.


4/16/19 I was in an office space, working (not my real workplace), when Kevin from Black Bear News came in with another man and pointed a gun at me. He told me he wanted everything of value including backpack. He was very calm and obviously had been planning this for a while. I gave him everything. I was particularly upset about handing over my backpack, which kind of has my whole life in it. I asked him why he was doing this, after seeming to be so nice and everything, and he said it was nothing personal, just business. I felt betrayed that someone I thought was a good person would do this.

Denise, thanks for getting this started!

Just want to share how i have been playing Theta binaural beats, as well as 528 hz lucid dreaming music. As i mentioned on the other thread, i have been experiencing trouble remembering the actual dreams, but i wake up and i can feel something powerful happened while i was sleeping. I am working on remembering them, i bought a journal to log everything in when i wake up!


After almost a week of using lucid dreaming music at 528hz, I was sleeping really good, but waking up without recollection of my dreams. After using the dream frequency sounds last night, I had a great experience. There were a couple different things that happened, first thing I remember is being in this under water area, where i was swimming. I kept swimming down, and I had a feeling that u could stay under water forever. I remember thinking keep going, you'll know your there when you see it. As I got closer to what seemed be the bottom, there was a small blue light coming from inside this cluster of rocks. I moved a couple rocks and there was an opening and I could see the blue light more clear, without fear, I went in to the opening that had me going down even further. I then came to an entrance where the water met a room of some sort where I wasnt under the water anymore. Waving at me was this strange looking human bird thing. That's the best I can describe it. It was very tall, had feather looking skin or hair, and weird nose shaped like a beak. At first it almost looked reptilian until I realized I was seeing feathers. That about all I can remember of the first dream. The second thing I remember is I woke up feeling like I had already been asleep for a very long time, like hours! Only 2 hours had passed. I noticed my frequency music was turned off, and my boyfriend had turned on the other lucid dreaming music we normally play, but I fell right back asleep after turning to my left side. I wasnt consciously aware of the fact that I had switched sides and had a different experience until this morning, or maybe it was coincidence??? But after turning to my side, I feel like I was transported to a higher density where I was watching other beings at work. But possibly other densitys, or other soul groups. But I remember just watching them all at work, and there was one group I focused in on, and they were using some really high tech stuff that I couldn't recognize, since it caught my interest i asked them what they were building and they said, we want to attune this music to humans. This will help them in their journey. Super cool, but about all I remember from that one. Really intense stuff. I woke up this morning in my normal daze as usually, feeling groggy like I had just experienced something big, and muscled into the bathroom. I couldn't get my eyes open! The right side is still very puffy I have a huge bump over my cheek, same as the one that was above my eyebrow last week. Super hard and kind of tender bump that at first I thought oh no this is a massive pimple. But it's not. Not sure how this is connected yet. More to come as I start remembering more!

Cool Cierra! You might have met a blue avian in the underwater "dream" and the high tech stuff...that was what my dream was about ....I was watching others (not 3D humans) doing work....and it all seemed related to the transition here. I think we are starting to get certain beings attention since we are putting in the time and doing the inner work

Those are amazing dreams, Ciera! Seems like you are exploring and expanding really powerfully.

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