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This is where we can post what we are experiencing...weird energies, insights, or anything really.

I wanted to write about how I felt yesterday. I think we were all pretty out of it after our group med, and the next day I mentally and emotionally felt great....but physically I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo drained. My energy felt lowwwwwww. I just too it easy and today I feel just fine. How about everyone else? Oh also, yesteday kind of felt like a purge...and I have a huge pimple near my nose now (the kind that is huge and sore but never makes it to the surface) and I ended up with the start of a cold sore. So for me I have a lot of physical stuff going on, but in very good spirits!!

I've been having a great deal of brain fog and tiredness, making it really hard to meditate and pretty much impossible to remember my dreams.

During meditation, I asked, "What am I doing right now in fifth dimension?" as suggested by Brenna at my last session. Immediately I saw myself in an off-world office/structure place, possibly surrounded by clouds. Anyway, it consisted of a bunch of rooms and about 10 to 30 people working. When I asked they said it was called New World Computing. It looked like we were "programming" a world - like you would program a computer game. Not sure what world exactly, but I assumed it was earth due to the blue skies and white clouds on the world down below us.

Denise, so when I had my last hypnosis session...I did a past Life and then moved on to LBL space .....but where I found myself was in a room and everything was very white and bright and I was making stuff or working on projects....and when asked what I was making....I said stuff for worlds.


This is exciting stuff and it seems like we are all doing similar activities

I have been experiencing some crazy energy, and just want to share. The past couple of days have seemed like a haze. By haze i mean, dizzy and discombobulated. I was literally running into walls at work, and saying hi when i should have been saying goodbye to guests. I have noticed this starting from the weekend, and trickling in to the week. At nights i have been playing "theta waves music" as well as "asteral realm 528 hz lucid dreaming music" and have been receiving some intense energies, that are working in very strange ways around me. There have been multiple changes at my work, like people getting fired without reason, multiple members cancelling their memberships (i work at a gym), people also commenting on the weird energy. Yesterday when i finally got home from a long work day, i barely had enough energy to plop on the couch, i was sitting there and felt like i was spinning. I wound up taking a shower to try and settle it down, which helped, but was just in a constant haze the rest of the day. One thing i noticed since playing the lucid dreaming music at night, is i have these feelings like something big happened, and i lay there trying to put back some of the pieces and it wont come to me. I normally do not have a problem remembering my dreams or at least part of them. This feeling i cant shake of feeling like i know what happened but am not allowed at this time to remember it. Thats what i am taking from it. I am still trying to figure it out, but am also letting this 3rd dimension take its time to let me know as i am sure there is a reason for it all. Also, i kind of feel like my upper and lower cycles have switched. I am in my upper cycle week, but i swear this feels like a lower cycle. I am working on allowing myself more time to lay in bed in the morning when my alarm goes off to try and recollect my dreams. OHHH!!! Also, for those that know of the bump i got on the back of my head, i woke up this morning to it really swollen and blood leaking from it!?!?!?!?!?! Definitely feel like some stuff happened last night.

Wow! On so many levels!!! I also feel like my cycle has swapped....the past 3 cycles...and similar dizzy and for me I feel like there has been a shift with me. Can't quite put words to it...all is happening fast!

I’m having weird energies, too. I was up last night til 2am processing feelings of loss and fear without any target, really. Like I’m feeling these feelings and my mind is trying to find a reason (oh it’s the school shooting yesterday or it must be the presentation I have to give today or maybe it’s because we’re planning on spending a night on sucia island, etc) but none of the “reasons” feel right. I also feel woozy and my stomach had complaints, and there’s a weird lump feeling in my throat. I guess there’s energy waves coming through? I swear the effects get more intense with each round...

Oh and I’m supposed to be at the peak of my cycle but it feels like the bottom

Indeed! That's what I've been experiencing for about a month and a half....not all peak days , just a few here and there...but they are intense!!!

During my Arcturian meditation just moments ago, I saw two small Arcturians in my minds eye, standing slightly in front of me, one to the left and one to the right, male and female. A beam of light came from each of their hearts and it went into my heart, then it shot up through my head through the pineal and the empty brain space where the fluid-filled ventricle is, and up to the starship. Forming a kind of triangle at the base with a towering light pole. The beings reached out and took one of my hands each, saying they don’t use physical connection like this but that I needed a more physical connection. Also I asked their names and they said something I could not possibly understand, so I didn’t get names but I think they are okay with Ludwig and Sarah.

During the group meditation today, I felt like I had gotten really deep. The beam of light visualization was super clear and crisp. At the point where we were inviting the blue avians and the arcturians into the space between our heads, my astral body started to feel like it was trying to separate. It felt the same way two magnets of the same polarization feel when they are brought together and repelling... it felt like a weird kind of push, and it felt like my legs were trying to roll out up over my head. I tried to let the motion happen but didn't actually leave my body. I easily saw the blue sphere. When we invited the arcturians in, I saw two bluish silver beings arrive in a bubble. I felt them communicate that they needed to be in a bubble to be in third density. It was very brief then the closing of the session began and I lost sight of them.

Holy cow, that's amazing!!! How do you feel today? Did the being say anything else? When we got to the part about the blue sphere I opened one eye and looked at the ceiling and saw a white/silver circular energy on the ceiling. Can't wait to hear about Ciera's experience!

Sorry for my delayed post. During our group meditation on Wenesday, I had a great experience. It had been a few weeks since I had been guided to a deep level of hypnosis, so during the induction, I went under pretty quick. I felt myself teetering between theta and delta and tried to remain relaxed but not to the point of entering the sleep state. Things are a bit foggy as I was in a state of bliss and had lost track of the recording. While in this lost in this state temporarily I felt myself immediately grounded back to my chair as I heard brenna's voice asking me what j was doing in 5th density. I immediately felt myself inside of a space that felt like the ship I had once been on before, and my body began to pulsates, like a downloading feeling. I was in this observatory style of room. Not too many visuals I can recall, but I remember the feelings. I felt like I was watching a group of beings planning something big, and this also reminded me of the feeling I had when I was in the forest a few weeks ago. Then when asked to visualize the blue sphere I felt really cold, and then got warm immediately after. Then my ear began to ring and got really hot. I was able to see the blue sphere, and it was a very tranquil feeling. Then when inviting the arcturians in I felt a feeling that I have felt before in our toning meditations. My body got really cold and I had goosebumps all over. I felt super energized, and then felt as if something or someone had placed their hand on my head. I was in quite the daze following the session but had a great feeling the rest of that night. My dreams were pretty intense that night and the following night. Very vivid and very deep dreams. One was a recurring dream, and another was new or felt new.

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