This is the 18 Day Cycle of the Adept from The Law Of One, The RA Material. You will be able to download this infographic as well as receive information on how to plot this cycle on your calendar. Click HERE to find out more about this cycle

This is a packet of The 12 Universal Laws. If you understand these, life isn't such a mystery. There is a page for each of the 12 Laws for clarity.

My information packets are now free.  If you feel so inclined to help out, all donations are appreciated! There is a donation button at the bottom of this page. Thank you so much and Enjoy!

Free MP3
This recording will provide you with a relaxing guided meditation..Sit back, listen and relax completely. This is meant to guide you to Theta level brainwaves. Click HERE to find out what that means. 
Do not listen while driving or operating any other machinery. Give yourself the gift of 35 minutes to Let Go and Go Deep!
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