Glossary of Terms

EFT Tapping   Emotion Freedom Technique.  EFT is a technique that allows a person to change dysfunctional beliefs and emotions on a subconscious level. To find out more go to

Conscious Mind   The part of the mind that is analytical, contains short term memory and  can only contain 7-9 bits of information at one time.

Critical Factor   The filtering mechanism that keeps new information from affecting the beliefs and habits contained in the subconscious mind, if and when it is inconsistent with them.

Subconscious Mind   The part of the mind that contains all of your long term memory, beliefs and habits.

Unconscious Mind   The autonomic nervous system. Contains the instincts you were born with and creates physical emotional responses called feelings.

3D, 4D, 5D   Third Density or Dimension, Fourth Density or Dimension, Fifth Density or Dimension.  They are rates of vibrations throughout the universe. They are states of being, both in a physical sense and a consciousness sense.  Click here for more info.

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