Services Offered:

Group Meditations---Experience Theta level brain activity with others.  These meditations are now offered at the following locations:

  • Himalayan Salt Cave located at Flow Motion, Click HERE for more information.

  • Bellingham Office, Click HERE for more information.

It's a powerful way to bring about change. 5000 people meditated together for an experiment and it lowered the crime rate world wide by 72%!

Workshops!! I'm proud to offer a variety of workshops at Mariposa, please click HERE to find out more. 

Inner or Spiritual Journeying (Including past life regression).  This is offered remotely via Zoom or locally at my office.  I also make house calls! So if you are local and would be more comfortable in your own home, let's talk. Click HERE to find out more.

The Wellness Package is getting an overhaul and will soon be offered online and in group settings.  Stay tuned because it is happening in September 2019!!! 

Arcturian Meditation this is a powerful technique and quite an experience! This will give you an energetic boost and teach you a new skill set to progress on your journey. This will be offered remotely via Zoom and locally soon, stay tuned! Click HERE for more information. 

What is Multidimensional Perception? Click Here to find out.

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