I'm am proud to offer hypnosis packages now! These packages are specifically designed to be used on your own. Most packages include PDF's for reference, the hypnosis MP3 and some packages include teaching videos. 

These are real hypnosis sessions which should be taken seriously and used in the proper manner. Never listen while driving a vehicle or operating any machinery. These sessions WILL drop your brainwaves down to a slower state to help facilitate your objective.


Want to clear the blocked energies in your body? What about losing some weight or quitting a bad habit? Or, what about spending a relaxing half hour completely immersed on a tropical beach and zone out properly. How about doing some inner spiritual work or Quantum Jump to another version of you! Click HERE to shop!

Still want more information? Click HERE to read about the deeper journeys that you can experience with some of these hypnosis packages.


Intuitive Oracle and Tarot Card Readings     Want to find out more about a situation or yourself?  Not sure what I mean? Click HERE to watch one of my weekly readings.


Now it's easier than ever to receive your own personal readings.  I will record the reading and send you a private video.  It will be done in a similar manner as my weekly and monthly You Tube readings.  Click HERE to book a session.



Colloidal Silver

Schumann Resonance

Multidimensional Understanding



Nicole H.

I would recommend Brenna at Mariposa Hypnosis to anyone. She customizes her treatment to fit the needs of her clients and takes great care in helping to see it through. Brenna is trustworthy, friendly, and very professional. She helped me through some big life issues that I have struggled with for too long.

 Racquel M.

Brenna is thoughtful, wise, and patient in a world where so many people rush...she is peace and healing.

Jessica N.

Brenna is a very knowledgeable hypnotist, always improving and fine tuning. She not only provides transformative spiritual hypnosis, she also gives you tools that enhance lasting growth between and after sessions. You can really feel she cares about you and your concerns.

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