Informational  Packets

My information packets are now free and located on my Free Stuff page. Click HERE to browse.

Oracle/Tarot Reading

Readings generally take around 3 days to receive after purchase. Scroll down to book a reading today!

Hypnosis Packages

I am proud to offer hypnosis packages for health and well being as well as inner journeying. Check back often for new packages!

All hypnosis packages will slow down your brainwaves for optimal results (click HERE to learn about your different level brainwaves) Your only job is to follow along and allow yourself to relax.  Using any of these packages are beneficial to your health because a regular inner practice or meditation practice is imperative for staying stress free, calm and happy. All of these hypnosis sessions will calm you.  Whether you want to lose some weight or experience a deep, slow relaxation from this busy world, while you listen to these sessions you can be assured that your brainwaves will slow down, your critical factor will step aside and you will glean the benefits of these sessions.  Adopting a regular daily practice using any of these sessions or a combo, will result in faster progress and a stronger sense of calm and peace. Prices vary for the packages depending on the content. Some packages are the MP3 (hypnosis session) and a PDF for clarity and teaching. Some packages have multiple hypnosis sessions, PDF's and an MP4 (video for teaching and clarity).

Everything starts with our energy body.  If these energy centers are blocked you will know it. Symptoms includes: sadness, depression, anger, guilt, etc...basically all the negative emotions exist in an unbalanced state.  Getting your energy centers or chakras  unblocked and flowing  is essential for both inner and outer work.  Does this sound too Woo Woo? Need proof?  Click HERE to access my book list and the first book on the list is all the scientific proof you could ever need!

Inner Journeying packages are fun and mind expansive.  Broadening your perspective allows  you to experience more  in every way. 

This is the first in a series of body care packages that will be available.  Check back often for more offerings.

These Gaia sessions are dear to my heart.  I have performed inner earth sessions many times with clients and they are special! Planet Earth is conscious and you can connect with that loving consciousness. Ready for a new kind of journey?

Due to Wix, YouTube and Google I cannot guarantee getting my content to customers at this time.  I am closing my store until further notice. Hang in there everyone......

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