Hypnosis for Inner Journeying

Using hypnosis for deeper inner exploration is also known as spiritual journeying.  It's allowing your spirit/energy body/super-conscious mind/soul, or whatever you may perceive  as your "higher self" to connect with other kinds of spaces. For thousands of years there have been people who spent much of their life in contemplation and meditation to achieve a higher state of mind and understanding.  With this type of brainwave activity one can achieve very high states with very little effort.  When brain waves slow down, it allows an avenue to heightened states of consciousness. Answers to life's big questions can be asked at such times and the journey can be profound!  

Above are the different brain frequencies that a person can experience. Through a type of guided meditation and additional deepening techniques, one can easily experience Theta levels of brain activity. The same states of mind that long term meditators strive to achieve over time, can be experienced by just about anyone who seeks.

This is a screen shot of a client's brain waves when they were at a very deep level of relaxation and speaking with what they perceived to be their Spirit Guide.  As you can see, the client was at Theta level of brain activity, right around 5 to 6 Hz.  The amplitude was extremely high as well.  Typically, in the conscious awake state (Beta), the amplitude is around 200. As you can see the amplitude was almost to 700 and at times would spike off the screen when this client was given important information.

At this level of hypnosis, the subconscious mind, moving into the higher Super-conscious mind can be free to explore in ways that aren't hindered or not accessible in other brain wave states such as Beta or Alpha.

The possibilities are endless! My own experiences were life altering and opened me up to new ways of thinking and feeling. They were profound experiences for me and because of that, I am passionate about helping others have their own journeys.
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