"I would recommend Brenna at Mariposa Hypnosis to anyone. She customizes her treatment to fit the needs of her clients and takes great care in helping to see it through. Brenna is trustworthy, friendly, and very professional. She helped me through some big life issues that I have struggled with for too long."

                                                                                               Nicole H. 



“Brenna is a very knowledgeable hypnotist, always improving and fine tuning. Her office is so welcoming, like sitting in the forest. She not only provides transformative spiritual hypnosis, she also gives you tools that enhance lasting growth between and after sessions. You can really feel she cares about you and your concerns. She has changed my life by helping me get past the road blocks I had carried throughout my life, freeing me to truly live.”

                                                                                                Jessica N.

“A dedicated and compassionate professional that facilitates the steps needed for retrieval of memories long forgotten. A fine therapist!”

                                                                                                C. Barber

"Brenna is thoughtful, wise, and patient in a world where so many people rush...she is peace and healing".

                                                                                               Racquel M.

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