The Wellness Package

The Wellness Package is specifically created to teach you the tools and techniques to allow you to begin to open yourself to higher frequency living.  Higher frequency living means the trivia is dropped and you are more in touch with your spiritual self.  These sessions are designed to move you past your old limiting beliefs, traumas and unhealthy thought patterns.  When you are free of such inner clutter, you are now open for a richer and happier life experience.  Having this deeper awareness allows you to experience more in deeper levels of hypnosis.  Click here to learn more about inner work or Spiritual Journeying.

The Wellness Package is comprised of 3 sessions and was created because some clients who wanted to do the deeper inner journeying work, were told by their guides or their higher selves that they were too blocked and bound and that they needed to clear themselves and have a less limited perception. The info-graphic below will help inform you of some of the aspects of the Wellness Package and what you will learn at MariposaWellness.  
The video below explains what I ran into with certain clients and how the Wellness Package was created.
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